The Simpson Springfield: 7 basic tips to grow your town faster

The Simpson Springfield: 7 basic tips to grow your town faster

The Simpsons: Springfield (also known as The Simpsons: Tapped Out) is a game for Android and iOS that lets you rebuild Springfield, the city from the animated series. The game begins with Homer and the Simpson house, and then slowly shows all the iconic buildings of the series and its most famous characters.

As you play, you’ll unlock new characters and buildings. It can be time consuming to unlock them all but there are ways to unlock them quicker. Check out the 7 tips below to make Springfield grow faster than Homer’s waistline.

Choose tasks carefully

To earn money and experience points, you have to make your characters perform tasks. Each character has several available tasks, and the longer they last, the more money you’ll get. To make the most of this when you’re in the game, make your characters carry out tasks that last only few minutes. Then, when they’ve finished them and you’re about to close the game, make them carry out tasks that last several hours, however long you think it’ll take you to open the app again.

Add decorative objects

Decorative objects, like trees and other landscape elements, don’t give money, but enhance the experience. So, to gain experience quickly, fill your town with these elements, giving you greater rewards.

One of the objects that gives more rewards is the Springfield sign: use it as soon as you can, as it significantly improves all the items you get with buildings and characters.

Combine different buildings

Another way of making money in the game is with buildings. To optimize this, I recommend that you build different types of properties.

For example, commercial buildings like the Kwik-E-Mart supermarket or Krusty Burger give many points, but the time it takes to earn the reward is high. In contrast, private homes give less money, but you can do it many times in one day. In addition, these homes unlock tasks. For example, Lisa can babysit at Flander’s.

Think about the type of player you are (do you play many times a day or just once or twice?) to decide if you are going to build more homes or more commercial buildings.

Collect all rewards quickly

When you have a large city, you’ll see how you’ll get all the rewards at the same time. Collecting them one by one is exasperating, but there is a way to do it quickly: tap over them (for example, the dollar sign) to get all the money and XP, and then wait a few seconds: they will automatically be added to your inventory.

Keep the Conform-o-meter in mind

The Conform-o-meter is activated by touching the stars at the bottom left of the screen. Check it from time to time to see in what ways you can improve your city. In my case, I have very little Obedience, so I should build more public buildings.

Pleasing the citizens of Springfield is useful to make more money and get more experience; so always keep the Conform-o-meter in mind.

Play the Itchy and Scratchy lottery

In Kwik-E-Mart you can periodically buy an Itchy & Scratchy lottery ticket. It costs 250 bills, but it has a reward almost every time, so don’t hesitate to buy it every day, you can earn up to 10,000 bills easily.

Visit your friends

Choose the option of visiting the neighborhoods of your friends once a day (the button showing Bart and Milhouse). When you visit the games of your friends you get money and XP, and it makes you get points for a friendship meter that will get you rewards.

To add new friends, once you’re in the neighborhood view, tap the Bart and Milhouse button: this takes you to a menu where you can add your friends from Facebook and EA Origin. You can also add friends manually if you know their username.

Become the king of Springfield

These are just a few tips that will help turn your Springfield into a real empire. As you play you’ll unlock buildings, characters and special activities, so you earn more and more money and experience more easily. Plan out tasks for your characters to maximize efficiency and you’ll be rolling in digital currency in no time.

Download Los Simpson: Springfield for Android and iOS.

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