The easiest way to learn to code


  • Very easy to pick up and follow
  • Step-by-step lessons
  • Badges encourage you to keep on learning


  • Limited to Javascript


Codecademy is a fun online academy where you can easily learn the basics of coding, taking short interactive lessons and receiving badges as awards.

Though the course offered by Codecademy is limited to Javascript for now, the lessons cover basic concepts that you can also find in other coding languages. Each lesson is divided into several steps, all of which provide you with examples and give you quick exercises to practice the concepts just explained.

As you progress though the course, Codecademy grants you a series of badges, which work great not only to encourage you to keep on studying, but also to boast about your knowledge!

In terms of design and usability, Codecademy ranks high. Its clean, intuitive web design makes the learning process a lot easier and more comfortable.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to code and didn’t know where or how, Codecademy may be a good starting point.


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User reviews about Codecademy

  • by Anonymous

    Its just Wow.
    Just a first class thing u can find around tio learn coding. Its fun to work with this. Really rea...   More

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