Go! ExtractIcons

Go! ExtractIcons

Extract all the icons stored in a file or a web page


  • Works with local files and web pages
  • Quick results
  • Clear, easy-to-use interface


  • Only saves to ICO

Not bad

Go! ExtractIcons is a simple tool with which you can extract, view and save all the icons contained in executable files (EXE), system libraries (DLL) and web pages.

The program is really easy to use. Just run it and enter the file (or the website URL) you want to extract the icons from, and Go! ExtractIcons will scan its contents and display all the icons on its interface.

In this list you can check the icon properties, preview it on a separate window and also save it to your hard drive. If there are multiple sizes and resolutions available, Go! ExtractIcons enables you to choose just one of them.

Go! ExtractIcons is easy to use and works great for large collections of icons stored in EXE and DLL files. Too bad it only saves icons to ICO and doesn’t allow you to use other graphic formats.

With Go! ExtractIcons you can extract all the icons in executable files (EXE) and system libraries (DLL) and save them to your hard drive.

Go! ExtractIcons supports the following formats


Go! ExtractIcons


Go! ExtractIcons

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