Picasa Web

Picasa Web

Google's photo sharing platform


  • Easy and fast uploading from Picasa
  • Different upload size and speeds possible
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to share photos by e-mail or social networking sites


  • Uploads limited to 1GB
  • Video clips take a while to upload


Picasa can no longer be used. Take a look at Google Photos instead.

Picasa Web is Google's photo sharing platform that allows you to upload and share photos instantly.

It's integrated with the Picasa desktop application meaning you can instantly upload and share photos from it using Picasa Web. It also works with video clips although for longer clips, you're advised to upload them to YouTube. An upload symbol appears next to those albums on your desktop that you've uploaded to save duplication.

You'll need to sign-up for a Google account to use Picasa Web. You have a generous free 1GB allowance when you start but you'll soon fill this up. Fortunately, you can pay for storage space upgrades and the pricing is very reasonable. Uploading is incredibly easy and fast
with Picasa Web although video clips can take some times. You can choose from Fast, Normal and Highest Quality uploading depending on your needs and upload space left and choose whether to make the album Public or Private.

Once uploaded, you can even choose which photo you'd like to use as the album cover. For viewing photos, you can elect to view them manually or in a slideshow mode. You can also add tags and geotags to your albums. Picasa Web provides both links and embed links to share your albums with via e-mail or blog.

There is a limited amount of photo editing possible in Picasa Web thanks to integration with Picnik. Finally, you can shares photos via all the major social networking sites including Buzz, Twitter and Blogger.

Picasa Web is one of the best photo sharing and storage sites on the web. With a simple interface and seamless integration with Picasa, it's a must for all Picasa users.

Picasa Web

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Picasa Web

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