View web pages and HTML documents offline


  • Very quick to install
  • View page source
  • Supports SD cards


  • No options to speak of

Not bad

Accessing the Internet on the move is one of the major benefits of owning a Palm device. However, it can get pretty expensive for certain tariffs, especially if you're charged for the amount of time you spend online, not to mention the fact that some Net connections can drop out a lot. TreoOfflineViewer is designed to help out, adding a new feature to the Blaze browser that lets you load pages and HTML documents stored in the memory.

The tool is very simple to use. Just install the program and a new 'Open File' option will be added to the browser, within the 'Go' menu. From here, you can explore the system's internal memory or one of the expansion cards installed on your device and select the HTML document you want to access. There's even a feature for viewing the source of any page within Memos.

TreoOfflineViewer represents a simple offline browser that requires very little setting up.

The standard web browser (called Blazer) on the Treo smartphones normally does not have an option to load offline pages from the SD card. TreoOfflineViewer enables this feature. Launch Blazer and use the new Open File menu command to load pages from the card.

Additionally, TreoOfflineViewer enables another menu command, Save Source to Memo, which saves the HTML code of the website as memo in Memos.




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